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Kennedi Cobb, CPA

Kennedi is a highly accomplished senior manager

Cedric Pulliam, PhD
Board Chair

Dr. Cedric Pulliam is the Senior Human Rights and Key Populations Advisor at PEPFAR (U.S. Department of State)...

Tori Cooper
Board Member

Tori Cooper is the first Black Trans Woman Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. She is currently...

Nakia Shaw, PhD
Board Member

Dr. Shaw has been a pharmacist for over 15 years, where he has witnessed the economic and social disparities....

Kathy Stewart, Esq
Board Member

Kathy Stewart is a distinguished attorney with over a decade of legal experience, specializing in...

Tigner Rand
Board Member

Tigner Rand is a creative expression believer and an artist, inspirational, and motivational writer...

Neena Smith-Bankhead, MS
Board Member

Neena is a driving force in HIV prevention and reproductive justice. Holding a Master of Science in...

Shannon Tillet
Board Member

Shannon Tillet brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role...

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