35 Years of Reproductive Justice

Learn how we have worked for the past 35 years to advance the cause of reproductive justice in communities across the globe


Where We Started

SisterLove, Inc., was founded in July of 1989 by Dázon Dixon Diallo in response to a lack of attention and resources for Black women impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Atlanta. Beginning as a volunteer group of women, we recognized the necessity of educating communities in Atlanta, especially women of color, about HIV prevention  and safer sex techniques in an inclusive and non-judgemental way.


Our First Atlanta HIV Test

SisterLove conducted its first HIV test for the late HIV-advocate Juanita Williams. This significant step demonstrated our commitment to providing crucial sexual health services to the Atlanta community. It was the beginning of countless lives touched and empowered through our efforts.


Opening the MotherHouse

The MotherHouse, our primary location for HIV/STI testing in Atlanta, opened in the historic West End neighborhood. To this day, it serves as a landmark and living beacon of the reproductive justice movement, and offers daily HIV/STI testing, including appointments and walk-ins, as well as serving as our distribution hub for our CDC-funded home HIV self-test kits.


SisterLove Goes Global

Opening in the [name] neighborhood of Johannesburg, South Africa, SisterLove International, South Africa (SLISA) established us as a global leader in the fight against HIV, and a vital resource for supporting international reproductive justice.


First ‘Healthy Love Workshop’

SisterLove held its first Healthy Love Workshop, a Centers for Disease Control-recognized sex-positive sex education intervention that uses an affirmative, pleasure-based approach to educating at-risk persons about safer sex techniques, bodily autonomy, and sexual and reproductive health.


Leading Women’s Society

The Leading Women’s Society (LWS) was founded as a peer-support group for women living with HIV for 20 years or more. Since then, the LWS has grown to over 200 active members, and inducts new members and honorees into its sorority every year at the annual 20/20 Leading Women’s Society Awards. This signature event is followed by the Leading Women’s Society Institute, which features a series of collaborative workshops led and attended by LWS members


1st WomenNOW! Summit

WomenNOW! began as a sister event to the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) in order to place special attention to the specific intersectional sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice issues that women across the African diaspora face. It continues to this day as a biennial summit that brings together community leaders, gender and social justice advocates, and public health professionals in solidarity to create sustainable solutions that advance health and social equity for Black women across the globe.


SLI Mobile Clinic Launch

Launching on World AIDS Day in 2022, the Healthy Love Mobile Testing Clinic, also known as the Healthy Love Bus, hit the road to offer HIV/STI testing in Atlanta, sexual health education, and linkage to care services in the surrounding metro area. Since then, it’s traveled over 10,000 miles at over 70 different community health events and enabled over 1000 people to receive HIV/STI tests, with plans to expand its services and reach to the entire state of Georgia.