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U.S. Business Action to End HIV Updates
May 30, 2024
4 min
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The U.S. Business Action to End HIV, along with its partners, is implementing activities and partnerships and increasing public-private partnerships to address HIV in communities.

U.S. Business Action to End HIV. A Health Action Alliance Initiative has been providing periodic updates regarding the U.S. Business Action to End HIVExit Disclaimer (the Coalition) since its creation on World AIDS Day 2021. The Coalition formed in response to the call in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) to increase public-private partnerships to accelerate efforts to address HIV. Since celebrating its first anniversary on World AIDS Day 2023, the Coalition has been working—along with its coalition partners—to implement activities and partnerships aimed at addressing HIV in communities and nationally. Please read below for updates on how the Coalition and its membership are increasing public-private partnerships to accelerate efforts to address HIV.


  • The Coalition now has 45 members, including new additions Chevron, Ash Wellness, and OpenLoop. The Coalition released a Playbook for EmployersExit Disclaimer (PDF, 7.2MB) in anticipation of National HIV Testing Day on June 27th. The Playbook highlights several actions employers can take to increase awareness about and uptake of HIV testing.
  • In February, the Coalition worked to educate policy leadership in Washington, DC, and others about the importance of federal HIV programs and called on these leaders to fully support this work. The work included support from the following: the American Benefits CouncilExit Disclaimer, National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser CoalitionsExit Disclaimer, National LGBT Chamber of CommerceExit Disclaimer, and U.S. Business Action to End HIVExit Disclaimer, with ally support from Business Group on HealthExit Disclaimer and HR Policy AssociationExit Disclaimer.
  • In March, the Coalition held the first meeting of its Atlanta chapter, together in partnership with OUT Georgia Business Alliance. Sixteen companies have already joined the chapter and met with four new Atlanta HIV Community Advisory Council members who are helping advise the work of the chapter, representing organizations such as SisterLove, Georgia Equality, and ThriveSS. The Coalition will be launching a second local chapter in Houston this summer in partnership with the Greater Houston LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce.
  • At the 80th Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) meeting on March 27, Coalition Director Mario Harper provided public comment, sharing the work of the Coalition with PACHA and the vision for how the private sector can be a catalyst for achieving the ambitious goals outlined in the NHAS.
  • On Thursday, April 25, the Health Action Alliance, which manages the Coalition, hosted a National Employers SummitExit DisclaimerCultivating Health Equity in the Modern WorkplaceExit Disclaimer, where experts from the Deloitte Health Equity Institute, Mercer, and Chevron came together to discuss what it means to address health equity in the workplace, why it’s good for business, and how to get started. The speakers also examined how addressing HIV in the workplace can serve as a model for addressing other health disparities.
  • The Coalition has launched a new Industry Action Cohort focused on expanding access to HIV testing. Additional cohorts with Government Affairs leaders and with the Media and Entertainment sector are slated to launch later this year.

When the NHAS was released by President Biden on World AIDS Day 2021, it emphasized the importance of cultivating new public-private partnerships to bring key efforts to address HIV with new audiences and new stakeholders. U.S. Business Action to End HIV is a key collaborator in this effort. Read more about the launch of the Coalition and the impact of the first year. will continue to provide updates to highlight the activities of the Coalition and its membership.

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