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Amid Rising Crisis, Georgia Denies Medicaid Expansion to HIV Patients

Georgia's failed Medicaid expansion bill, aimed to aid those with HIV, highlights health disparities and plans for future action.

A Farewell Post

In 2016 , when I started as an IfWhenHow Reproductive Justice & HIV fellow, I was a recent graduate from law school, wife, and mother to a busy toddler and four month old. Prior to my entry into the…

Georgia Passes Anti-Trans Law Aimed at Children

This afternoon, the Georgia State Senate voted to pass a dangerously amended version of SB 140.

Life-Saving HIV Prevention Drugs Can Now Be Denied to Thousands in Need. Here's How You're Affected.

Recently, a federal district court judge in Texas ruled that a provision in the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”, aka Obamacare)...

OP-ED: How Exclusion Of Black Women Living With HIV From Medication Trials Negatively Impacts Health

The exclusion of Black women, femmes, and girls from HIV prevention trials is part of a culture of anti-Blackness and misogyny...

Sex Work Pride Day 2021:Global Network of Sex Work Projects': Sex Workers' Lack of Justice Access

Today, September 14th, is Sex Worker Pride Day. Sex workers, who are overwhelmingly women, are subject to harsh violence, legal oppression, and violent stigma. Because of this, sex workers are some of…

Remember the Fallen - Standing up for Transgender Rights on Transgender Day of Remembrance

Disturbingly, in 2023 alone, at least 34 transgender and gender non-conforming individuals have been killed, underscoring an epidemic of vio

The Reproductive Rights Movement: A Critical Analysis of the Presence of the White Gaze

The history behind the fight for women’s reproductive rights is a long and arduous one...

Georgia is the Deadliest State for Black Mothers - Confronting the Reality of Black Maternal Health

Uncover the urgent need for policy changes to address the high maternal mortality rates among Black women in the US. Join the conversation now.

The Abortion Landscape in Georgia

Legal status of abortion in Georgia, challenges for access and types of abortion. Updates on Georgia Access to Medical Abortion program and policy advocacy.

FDA Approves Over-The-Counter Birth Control Pill - A Victory for Reproductive Justice

A breakthrough in reproductive health: FDA approves OTC birth control pill. Explore the impact & ongoing advocacy for equitable access. #ReproductiveHealth #BirthControl #FDAApproval

35 States Make HIV A Crime- How to End HIV Criminalization Laws

Blog: "More HIV Criminalization: The Enforcement of Out-of-Date Laws. Join SisterLove's fight against HIV criminalization laws. #HIV #criminalization #laws"