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Nontyatyambo Makapela

Nontyatyambo Makapela

Program Officer for SisterLove International South Africa (SLiSA)

Nontyatyambo has been openly living with HIV for the past ten years and endured many challenges on different levels as a young woman. Nontyatyambo joined Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) to educate communities who were clearly suffering from lack of knowledge about HIV and AIDS. This is where she cut her teeth on community mobilization which includes community dialogues and education sessions at local clinics. After battling an illness for months, she became an advocate for ART and facilitated HIV Treatment Literacy programs in local clinics. She also helped establish support groups for HIV-positive people. It is through this work that she learned about women’s struggles with regards to HIV and AIDS, Gender Based Violence and poverty.

She joined People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) as a Trainer. Her main responsibility included supporting emerging Home-Based Care organizations, an important role player in women’s lives, as they support HIV-positive communities. This resulted in such organizations building partnerships with women’s rights organizations and other organizations that work alleviate socio-economic issues. She also spent one year with AIDS Legal Network. She learned about the legal aspect of HIV and AIDS in South Africa. Passion for healthy, informed and developed communities drives her work.

Most of Nontyatyambo’s work centers around education - giving information so that people can advocate for their own needs.
She has worked closely with various stakeholders and am quite active in the Ekurhuleni AIDS Council. Since working at TAC, her work with LGBTQ+ communities has improved. She currently works with various LGBTQ+ groups and links them to the municipality and other organizations that support queer groups.

Joining Sister Love International South Africa (SLiSA) exposed her more to the Sexual and Reproductive Health aspect of community development and health.

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