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WomenNOW! Reproductive Health & Justice Summit Returns to the Motherland

WomenNOW! Reproductive Health and Justice Continuum is holding the next Virtual Summit on Friday, 04/23 at 10a EST. We are hosting a Zoom meeting and broadcasting on Facebook Live simultaneously. This time, we are focusing on the struggles of our sisters in West and Central Africa. The intersectional challenges faced by women in this region can be related to by women across the world. However, within the region, there are specific realities which amplify these problems in a unique way. We have built a conceptual framework, working hand-in-hand with organizers, activists, and social leaders within the region, to address these issues. The antidote to any form of oppression is solidarity among those who are beset by the oppression. It is in this spirit that we continue our work to construct a global community that recognizes the struggles that women face, but also empowers us to act as a force for change. Read and share our infographic below on the unique problems faced by women in West and Central Africa, and join us on Friday, April 23rd at 10a to hear and participate in this vital discussion. We will host the meeting in both French and English*. *Those who need French translation will need to register for the Zoom meeting for live language interpretation.

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