PRESS RELEASE: SisterLove, Inc. Announces Launch of New Brand Identity

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September 22, 2020

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SisterLove, Inc. Announces Launch of New Brand Identity New Logo Reflects a New Strategy for Continued Expansion for the Future

Earlier this month, SisterLove Inc.’s founder and president, Dázon Dixon Diallo announced the launching of a new logo and brand identity. The organization will now be known officially as SisterLove and will continue to expand its programs and services to meet the needs of the community. The rebrand comes after 30 years with its original logo.

Since the top of 2020, the non-profit sexual and reproductive justice (SRJ) organization has been developing and implementing a new strategic framework. This process led staff leaders and board members to consider refreshing the logo. After conducting branding research with internal and external stakeholders, it was determined that this would be the ideal year to make the change.

“Our new logo embraces our future,” said SisterLove’s president, Dázon Dixon Diallo. “The design represents the Golden Ratio, where math and science intersect with art. Health and medicine interlocked with humanity and community were the inspiration for choosing the logo. The color was also an essential element for us. We chose seven vibrant, strong colors that demonstrate our unwavering commitment to our mission.”

SisterLove was the first women’s HIV/AIDS and reproductive justice organization in the southeastern United States. Started in 1989, it initially provided transitional housing for Black women living with HIV/AIDS, and linked them to vital care. It also provided health education and training. SisterLove has since grown into a global SRJ organization with 3 locations in Atlanta, and a satellite office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“Our role in this work has exploded over the years and we are very proud of our contributions. We continue to provide services the community says they need. We provide free testing, counseling, and access to care for HIV, STI, and pregnancy to anyone who seeks our service. For the women at risk for HIV, we make sure they’re knowledgeable about their health and have access to treatments and support groups,” said Diallo.

SisterLove also organizes domestic and international conferences, authors amicus briefs, and helped change the research paradigm to recognize women’s roles in the discovery of drugs and devices to help curb the epidemic. Diallo went on to say, “As the need for our services increases, the need for donations and community partners increase as well. A new and vibrant logo that appeals to multiple generations is important to SisterLove as we aspire to grow our identity, donor base, and community partnerships for many years to come.”


SisterLove, Inc., is the oldest women-centered HIV and sexual & reproductive health organization in the Southeastern United States. It was founded in 1989 to address HIV-related education, prevention, and research, and to support the rights of reproductive justice for all women and girls. SisterLove’s mission is to eradicate the impact of HIV and other sexual and reproductive oppression of all women and their communities in the United States and globally. SisterLove, Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with a satellite office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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