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A Beacon of Hope in HIV Prevention & AIDS Activism - How Hydeia Broadbent Changed What it Means to Live with HIV

Hydeia Broadbent was a noted advocate for people living with HIV
Hydeia Broadbent was a noted advocate for people living with HIV

Leading the Way in the Fight Against HIV Stigma

Hydeia Broadbent was a guiding light in the world of HIV prevention and AIDS activism.

Like many, we first heard her remarkable story when she shared it on The Oprah Winfrey Show at age 11. Her precocious courage, wisdom, and integrity captivated the nation, as it did our hearts.

What followed was a lifelong dedication to fighting stigma and injustice. Her resolve to redefine what it means to live with HIV deeply inspired our mission to combat the adverse impacts of HIV.

Sadly, Hydeia, who had been living with HIV since birth, passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 39.

Hydeia Broadbent

Her legacy continues to illuminate the path forward.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy of HIV/AIDS Activism

Hydeia's unwavering advocacy touched countless lives, educating others about the realities of HIV and AIDS.

"I am here, a force to be reckon with...I now have a new outlook, I'm able to now see the blessing's, and lesson's from my valley."

She dispelled myths and challenged the stigma that continues to surround the condition. Her dedication fueled her prolific activism and led to her support for many HIV awareness campaigns, including the "God Loves Me" billboard initiative, highlighting the dignity of people who live with HIV.

She also led the seminal "AIDS is a Civil Rights Issue" campaign in 2014, advocating for an intersectional approach to public health and civil rights protections.

Inspiring Our Mission

Hydeia was a constant source of inspiration for us, and her legacy continues to ignite our own efforts. We honor her memory by reaffirming our commitment to health equity and the relentless pursuit of a world free from the devastating impacts of HIV.

Hydeia Broadbent

Join us in continuing Hydeia Broadbent's fight against HIV.

Support our mission and help us work together toward a world where sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice are accessible to all.

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