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PRESS RELEASE: Voting Rights Advocates Primed Battle Against Voter Suppression

Voting Rights Advocates Primed to Continue Battle Against Voter Suppression

March 10, 2022 (ATLANTA, GA) - Today, in a partisan vote, members of the Georgia state House passed HB 1464, legislation that adds additional layers of process to an already encumbered election administration process. On the heels of last year’s passage of Senate Bill 202, this new legislation increases opportunities for voter intimidation and makes it harder for election administration officials to effectively render their civic duty.

“This bill adds additional strain to the election process,” said Helen Butler, Executive Director of the Coalition for the People’s Agenda, “and opens the door to a never ending cycle of ballot challenges, costing taxpayers money and undermining election integrity in the long run.” HB 1464 introduces new restrictions on the number of available voting machines on election day, adds new thresholds for handling absentee ballots - beyond the already stringent requirements of SB 202, enables an unlimited number of ballot challenges by third parties provided they bear the cost of such inquiry, and limits the amount of funding and donations of food and water that can be provided to election administrators to help ease the strain of elections on workers and voters.

Among the most chilling effects of the legislation are provisions that would allow the Georgia Bureau of Investigations to have a role in election review. “The State Election Board already has the authority to review allegations of fraud or voter misconduct and has the authority to refer potential criminal matters to the Georgia Attorney General and local district attorneys for further investigation and potential prosecution. Expanding jurisdiction to the GBI to investigate elections and voters, along with the power to subpoena individual voters, can intimidate voters and lead to voter suppression,” noted Susannah Scott, President, League of Women Voters Georgia Inc. “Particularly in this climate where tensions are high and partisan rancor has peaked at new levels, the mere possibility of GBI intervention may dissuade some voters from participating in Georgia elections.”

The following Election Administration Coalition organizations join together in calling on the State Legislature to oppose HB 1464:

Women Watch Afrika


Impact Fund

Common Cause

Georgia Georgia Muslim Voter Project

Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta

League of Women Voters Georgia, Inc.

Coalition for the People’s Agenda

About The Election Administration Coalition The Election Administration Coalition is a group of non-profit, non-partisan organizations working to uphold safe and fair elections in Georgia. The Coalition includes Georgia Votes, Coalition for the People’s Agenda, Common Cause Georgia, League of Women Voters of Georgia, Feminist Women’s Health Center, Black Voters Matter, Georgia Conservation Voters, Women Engaged, and 9to5 Georgia

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