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2021 Healthy Love Youth Advocates Statewide Summit (HLYASS)

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! GET YOUR VIRTUAL TICKET NOW The SisterLove, Inc. Healthy Love Youth Advocates Inaugural Cohort (HLYA) is a 10 month fellowship comprised of youth ages 15-25 living in the state of Georgia. The fellowship program will share valuable knowledge to build skill sets in activism, grassroots organizing, and public policy through a reproductive justice lens to empower these dynamic youth to become the change leaders of tomorrow. The HLYA program will culminate in our annual 6-day Healthy Love Youth Advocate Statewide Summit ('HLYASS') from September 14th-20th.

This year's event will consist of online workshops (Facebook Live, YouTube Live) , led by our HLYA cohort fellows. Each day, our HLYA cohorts will lead a discussion on a different facet of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Social Justice. Our virtual workshops this year include:


'Housing Justice is Reproductive Justice'

This session will explore issues related to climate change, gentrification and safe, affordable housing. We will take the time to educate our audiences on the impacts of climate change and gentrification on marginalized communities. This session will highlight the importance of youth taking action on environmental justice concerns as well advocacy and policy issues regarding youth homelessness and reproductive health.

Hosts: Kayla Rivers, Yasmine Edge, Billae Blanding, Jordan Moorer, India Stevenson

THURSDAY 9/16 @ 7p EDT

'Word from the MotherHouse: Black Maternal Health from a Youth Perspective '

This presentation will introduce youth and young adults to the issues faced by Black mothers and Black birthing persons in the U.S. and the U.S. South. Key topics that will be discussed will include facts and figures centering Black maternal and infant mortality rates, policy and advocacy, as well as community solutions. Hosts: India Stevenson, Talia Ford, Victoria Johnson, Taylor Harris, Joy Nicholas

FRIDAY 9/17 @ 11a EDT

'Self-Care is Social Justice '

This presentation will focus on mindfulness and mental health in the Black community. We will be hosting activities related to positive self-esteem and confidence. This session will discuss different self-care practices such as journaling, meditation, affirmations, etc. to instill daily habits for youth and young adults. This session will offer resources for mental health organizations, support groups, and self-help guides.

Hosts: Jordan Moorer, Kayla Rivers, Sydney Morrow, Jasia Blake

SATURDAY 9/18 @11a- 4p EDT

*Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium’s (SBGWC) Black Girls Dream Conference: “Black Girls Table Talk”

Black Girls Table Talk creates a safe space. At our table, we will tell our own stories, in our own voices, at a table created for, with, and by Southern Black girls. At Black Girls Table Talk you will explore and discuss topics that include self-expression, self-love, self-care, mental health, and creating a future that you want. Be there to grab your swag bag filled with things that every Black girl really needs.

SUNDAY 9/19 11a

'Alignment in Action': Yoga Session

Self-care is self-love. Treat your body well with this healing free virtual yoga healing class. This session will be hosted from our Instagram Live, and also in-person from our LoveHouse location.*

Teacher-Host: Jay Hendrick-Barnes

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only 10 tickets will be offered. Masks are required. We will observe the Covid-19 safety protocols recommended by the Center for Disease Control **Mats, bolsters, straps, and yoga blocks will not be supplied. We have on-site parking available.

MONDAY 9/20 @6p EDT

'I Do Declare': Black Youth and Bodily Autonomy

This session will be an exploratory journey into self-determination and self-declaration. In this session, fellows will discuss self-confidence and self-advocacy. We will engage in conversations centering the connections between autonomous reproductive rights and state and national policies.

Hosts: Joy Nicholas, Yasmine Edge, Taylor Harris, Talia Ford, Garla Williams

MONDAY 9/20 @7p EDT

Healthy Love: Exploring Sexuality '(18+ to attend.)

This workshop will cover a variety of topics pertaining to reproductive justice and sexual health. Fellows will have discussions centered around pleasure, consent, protection from HIV and STI’s, as well as contraception. Most importantly, the fellows will connect the dots between sexual health and preserving Black Joy.

Hosts: Garla Williams, Sydney Morrow, Billae Blanding, Jasia Blake, Victoria Johnson

*Trigger Warning: Topics related to sex and sexuality will be discussed

The goal of HLYASS is to increase and strengthen the participation of young people from diverse backgrounds in challenging the sexual and reproductive health barriers and inequities they face. HLYASS seeks to center the experiences of youth living with or at risk of HIV, young Black women, LGBTQ youth, and others from marginalized backgrounds. Click here to RSVP for your workshop

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