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Project Home-MaDE

PRISM Health at Emory University

Up to $200

Contact: (404) 919-0299 or

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We are looking to see how to help make viral load monitoring for people living with HIV more accessible and something they can do within the comfort of their home.
The project is open to people of any HIV status
Your participation in the study would include coming to two in-person study visits, at our clinic in Decatur, where a phlebotomist will draw your blood. At each visit we would also provide you with a self-collection kit that you can use to collect your own blood in a private room in our clinic or in your own home.
These visits would be scheduled approximately two weeks apart from one another, and you would receive $50 for each sample that you provide. So, if you completed all four parts, the two blood draws and the two self-collections, you would receive $200.

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