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Tranisha Arzah


Tranisha Arzah (she/they) lives in New Orleans, Louisiana but was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She currently works part time as an assistant gardener for a community garden that provides food for ‘food-apartheid’ areas.

As of late June 2022, she began a certification program to become an ICF, an accredited Spiritual Life Coach, to help establish her spiritual business. Prior to moving to New Orleans, she was working in Wellness and Health especially as it related to LGBTQt and youth communities to provide education around HIV, sexual health and wellness, and humxn rights activism. She has authored various blogs relating to the movement and attended many conferences and meetings advocating for affected communities. She is known as a leader who shows up to represent and educate people especially about the issues that affect her community and matter to her deeply like HIV. Tranisha has expressed how incredibly honored she is to work in this space and grateful to continue to deepen her understanding of herself while also being a service to others.

As she eloquently quoted, “ It is my mission that anyone who crosses paths with me feels a bit more seen, understood, and encouraged to be who they were meant to be in this lifetime. I'm elated to join in celebration with the LWS community of long-term survivors!”

Tranisha Arzah
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