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Robin Barkins


Robin Barkins is a fearless and outspoken Peer Advocate. Every day, Robin embraces her mission to empower the reentry population and the women and men who suffer from the diseases of trauma, addiction, and HIV.

Her transformative journey began at the tender age of 15 when she acquired HIV. Upon receiving this devastating news, she spiraled into self-destructive activities as a sex worker and substance abuser. She thought her life was over, and she found herself spiritually and emotionally bankrupt when she hit the lowest point in her life. After ten years, she finally decided to attend a drug recovery program. Robin never thought it was possible to live without drugs and alcohol, but with her fierce determination to improve her life, she began to face her emotional injuries and fears head-on. In the process of becoming sober, she learned new coping skills and strategies to deal with life. With a brand-new lease on life, Robin regained her confidence and cultivated healthy self-esteem. In 2010, She chose to go public with her story because she knew her journey could impact other people’s lives. By telling her story, she seized her power back. Robin founded an organization called To Restore Unite Support and Transform (TRUST) with the mission to promote health equity and social justice in diverse communities.

TRUST provides services for justice-impacted individuals and families by providing a whole-person care approach centered around the social determinants of health. TRUST restores human dignity, unites families, supports clients in improving their quality of life, and transforms communities. Through her work, she provides her clients with supportive tools and resources to reenter society.

Robin Barkins
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