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Gayle Dorky


Gayle was diagnosed in the 1990s at the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

She is a proud New Yorker, having been born and raised in Brooklyn. She is a child survivor of domestic violence (DV), and grew up in a very low income urbanization environment that left her with limited resources. Admittedly, Gayle fell for the first man that came her way thinking he was her "savior." Instead, he passed the HIV virus to her. Despite being devastated by this news, Gayle rose up and became an advocate for young ladies and homeless survivors to teach them from her personal learned experience so they too could learn to "live" with HIV just as she did. Currently she volunteers for GMHC, is also a Peer Advocate at Vow, and a Peer at Alliance of Positive Change, all located in NYC.

Gayle recently received her Recovery Coaching Certificate and considers herself a student for life with the motto "The more credentials I have, the more knowledge I can share with others."

Gayle Dorky
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