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Gail Brown


Gail is passionate about the communities she lives and works in.

She is Director of COPE (Coalition on Positive Health Empowerment) focusing on advocacy and health/wellness education and programming. Her advocacy efforts include working to end the AIDS epidemic, eliminating hepatitis C, and instituting single payer health care. Ms. Brown works with the NYC Department of Health and the NYS AIDS Institute Ending the Epidemic Committees developing strategies for HIV testing and disseminating information to those living in communities hard hit by HIV and AIDS.

She is a key member of the NYS Hepatitis C Elimination Campaign resulting in the release of recommendations to eliminate hepatitis C and the elimination of Medicaid treatment restrictions for those living with hepatitis C in NYS. Her health and wellness events and programs have been well received and an integral element to those living with HIV, especially for the over 50 population. Gail graduated from Pratt Institute with an MFA and from City College with an MS. Her passion for social justice and equity led her to anti-gentrification work helping to start the "Bronx is Not For Sale" organizing tenants to fight for fair and just housing ​and against other anti-black racism policy issues in her local community. She finds joy making a difference in the lives of those around her, specifically BIPOC folks from the Bronx, NY.

As the Advocacy and Program Director at COPE, Ms. Brown regularly organizes public health education events and has mobilized members to fight for Hepatitis C policies.

Gail Brown
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