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Dominique Morgan


Dominique Morgan (She/Her) is an international award-winning artist, activist, and TEDx speaker. She is the Executive Director of The Okra Project, leading work across the country to dismantle the systematic oppression impacting Black Trans and Gender Expansive people.

Partnering her lived experience of mass incarceration (including 18 months in solitary confinement) with a decade of change-making artistry and advocacy- she utilizes her background in public health to activate power work in spaces of sex education, radical self-care, and transformative youth development with intentions of dismantling the prison industrial complex and a develop innovative theory she describes as the “gender to prison pipeline”. Ms. Morgan is 2020 Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award recipient, NAACP Freedom Fighter Award recipient, and 2020 JM Kaplan Innovation Prize recipient and the 2021 United States nominee for Ten Outstanding Young People in the World.

Her new album "Pisces In E Flat Major" is available on all platforms and her book “Sex Ed for System Facing People” will be available in 2023.

Dominique Morgan
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