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Dashita Evetta Croom


Dashita Croom was born in Kinston, North Carolina and grew up with her mother living in the Grifton, Kinston, and Snow Hill areas in North Carolina.

Dashita was made aware that she had HIV when she was in high school at the age of sixteen. She felt she had no one to turn to and the situation was made worse by some classmates who started a rumor saying she had AIDS. As a result, she dropped out of school. After a short time, Dashita went back and completed her high school education earning her diploma. She credits her perseverance and ability to summon courage for the reasons she decided to return and complete her education. Dashita is thankful for the case manager assigned to her some years back who helped her learn vital and factual information on HIV and AIDS which motivated her to become an advocate, teaching the difference between HIV and AIDS, Harm Reduction, and information on the Syringe Exchange in her area.

She has won community awards for her work, one being Advocate of the Year for her outstanding record on Peer Education. She is also a motivational speaker and has participated in the public event "Speak Out on Jones Street" in Raleigh, NC.

Dashita Evetta Croom
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