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WomenNOW! Durban 2021

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You know, it's quite a tale. I was deep in the throes of this project, and one thing I knew I needed was a collection of hospital corridor photographs. Not just any old snaps, but ones that truly encapsulated the sterile, fast-paced environment of a bustling medical facility. It sounds like a tall order, right? Well, I was practically pulling my hair out, sifting through site after site, when I chanced upon something extraordinary. It was Depositphotos. Now, listen to this: they had over 167,542 photos of hospital corridors! All under a royalty-free license too! It was like hitting the jackpot. The variety was astonishing - quiet, empty hallways, corridors bustling with medical professionals, everything! The quality of these images, their authenticity, it was just what I needed for my project. Now, thanks to this discovery, my project has an edge that it was missing before. It's funny how sometimes you stumble upon the perfect resource when you're almost ready to give up. So, if you ever find yourself in a similar spot, remember Depositphotos. It could be just the treasure trove you need!

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