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 The U.S. Women and PrEP Working Group is a national ad-hoc advocacy coalition of women’s health advocates, health care providers and researchers exploring and advocating around the key issues arising for women in domestic PrEP research and implementation.

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WOMEN & PrEP 101 Canned Powerpoint

Here’s a FREE, PUBLIC ACCESS canned PowerPoint presentation you can download and use.  We call it “canned” because it has slides and script  – everything you need for a good, basic presentation. A guide is provided to explain how it works.

  1. It is designed to inform people who have never heard of PrEP or only know a little about it. It doesn’t use a lot of long, science words that can make people “tune out”.
  2. No need to read the script word for word.  Feel free to change the wording to make sound more natural to you.  BUT please don’t change any basic facts in the script.
  3. We revise the presentation periodically to keep it up to date. So please use the version Here (not one you may have downloaded from here in the past) to be sure you have  the latest version when you do a presentation.

Use it!  Share it!  Add your logo to ours on your copy of the slides if you want to!  Everyone deserves to know about PrEP, whether they choose to use it or not.  Please send any questions or comments about it to

Guide: Guide PrEP 101 final      

Presentation: PrEP 101 USW&PWG final


Working Group Position Statement Update, December 2015

2013 Position Statement Key Points

Working Group Position Statement, March 2013



PrEP and Women in the US  – Watch Now! Or Download the Slides Here

PrEP, Possibilities, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding – October 2015

Transgender Women & PrEP – July, 2015

Face to Face Meeting in Seattle, WA – February 2015

PrEPinar :What’s the Risk – December 2014

Transgender affinity Group


Since its formation, the U.S. Women and PrEP Working Group has always included transwomen. But sometimes, inclusion isn’t enough. The Working Group is launching an affinity group (a subset of the full U.S. Women and PrEP Working Group) that will focus on naming and creating an advocacy agenda for transgender women and PrEP. The Transgender Women & PrEP Affinity Group is open to transwomen, people on the trans feminine spectrum and their allies.
To join the U.S. Women and PrEP Working Group and the Transgender Women & PrEP Affinity Group, send us an email here.


Trusting women, shared decision making & the possibility of PrEP.

PrEP Initiation gains mostly seen in males, whites


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Pos Aware summer 2013

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