Bridge Leadership

SisterLove’s Bridge Leadership Program is a deliberate effort to integrate the many issues that intersect at the junction of HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, and human rights into a cohesive and innovative program area. This Program’s purpose is to:

  1. implement a strategy to increase involvement of people in women’s HIV/AIDS, sexual health and human rights issues through organizational relationship building and shared activities;
  2. provide a structured program focus for the various projects that SisterLove offers to our organizational constituency; and
  3. give greater visibility to SisterLove’s capacity to help strengthen and empower individuals and organizations involved in similar or related issues.

Current program projects and activities include:

  • The Odyssey Project:
    Integrating HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human Rights, a series of formal collaborations, primarily with the National Center for Human Rights Education, Morehouse School of Medicine/Master of Public Health Program and the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective that provides opportunities to network, share training and develop culturally conscious programs at the grassroots level;
  • SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective:
    Committed to advancing a women of color reproductive health agenda on behalf of four of the major ethnic groups in the United States: Native/Indigenous, Latina/Puerto Rican, Black/African American and Asian/Pacific Islander;
  • Community on Campus Project:
    Two collaborations with local academic institutions: 

        a) between SisterLove and Morehouse School of Medicine’s Master of Public Health Program to co-instruct an MPH level course on Women’s Health and Development, and


    b) between SisterLove and Spelman College to develop and instruct a course on Women’s Health and Development for multi-disciplined undergraduate students for the combined purpose of increasing awareness of and interest in gender specific analysis and research of HIV/AIDS and other reproductive health issues; and

  • Collaborations & Partnerships:
    A variety of projects, activities and actions intended to establish and nurture collaborative relationships and partnerships that bridge gaps in services that SisterLove does not provide directly, but are critical to providing comprehensive education and care to affected communities.

Questions about SisterLove’s Bridge Leadership Program may be directed to Lisa Diane White.